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Bi-Folding Doors

Bi-Folding Doors

Add Value to Your Home With Blue Sky Home Improvements

Before you consider the huge expense of moving house, there are many cost-effective renovations you can examine before making such a massive financial commitment – consider the phrase “improve, don’t move”.

Every year, over four million households choose to invest in their current property, rather than making the costly decision to move, in a search for their ‘dream home’. Why not join them – stay put and consider simple renovations to make your dream home the one you’re already living in!

You can also increase the value of your home by:

  • Installing an ORANGERY with a Lantern Roof.
  • Installing a new Garden Room with a new Extension feel with a Solar Glass Conservatory Roof.

There are countless benefits of choosing to renovate your property:

Bluesky Home Improvements can create more living space with a new Garden Room, together with Bi-Fold Doors you will have a new extension feel about the new comfortable living space. Affordable and achievable for surprising low cost. Bluesky can update and personalise your home with quality renovation materials and products, you’ll require less home maintenance in the future.

Any home renovations will increase the value of your home, should you decide to move in the future after all.

Renovations are cheaper than buying a new property, especially if you utilise Bluesky Home Improvements which supply and install your new Bi-Folding Doors. Home owners are growing increasingly more aware of the impact our homes can have on the environment, and are choosing to improve with products that make their home more eco-friendly.

Bluesky Home Improvements  Bi-folding doors can instantly transform your home, by creating a seamless transitional space between your living area and garden. They will brighten up dull spaces, and are perfect for living rooms and dining areas – although there are a multitude of options available, such as leading out onto a terrace or a first-floor balcony.

Don’t have a garden? Don’t worry. Bluesky Home Improvements Bi-folding doors can be installed leading out to a patio, maximising a small space and making the most of the outdoors even if you don’t have green fingers!

By making the most of the transitional space between the indoors and outdoors, you can enjoy your home in new ways: serving meals and entertaining guests outdoors in the summer months, and cosying up with family or friends and enjoying the view in the winter.

Style and Colour Options

At Bluesky Home Improvements, our bi-folding doors are polyester powder-coated to maintain a fresh appearance through a lifetime of use. They are available in any RAL and British Standard colour, and can be manufactured with dual colouring – allowing you to choose different shades for the interior and exterior of the door to blend seamlessly with your home. Made for Trade supplies bi-fold doors in a variety of natural and innovative colours, including rich contemporary shades suitable for modern new builds, and wood finishes suitable for traditional period homes.

Bluesky Bi-folding doors are manufactured to be highly resistant to corrosion, and are coated with a durable scratch-resistant finish, ensuring minimum upkeep and maintaining a fresh appearance which will immediately smarten up dated spaces.

Efficiency & Function

Bluesky Home Improvements Bi-Fold Doors are manufactured with Polyamide thermal barrier technology. This advanced profile technology creates a thermal transmittance barrier between cold and warm air, keeping your home cool in the summer, and warm in the winter months. This thermal barrier will reduce the carbon footprint of your home, and subsequently your energy bills will drop.

Our bi-folding doors are manufactured with a strong but slim aluminium profile – creating 132mm sightlines with expansive glass space. We can offer square or rounded profile options to fit your requirements exactly.


BlueskyBi-Folding Doors are checked with enhanced security ratings which are compliant with Building Regulations. Our bi-folding doors are vastly more secure than traditional patio sliding doors, as they can be fitted with twinpoint locks, dropbolts, security screens or shootbolts. We install retained rollers and guides and anti-lift blocks to stop doors from being forced from their frame in the event of an attempted break in.

So, before you consider moving home to escape a dated, dull living space, consider some more cost-effective solutions to transform your space. By replacing tired sliding patio doors with bi-folding doors, you’ll create a transitional space between your home and garden to enjoy year-round. Ask Bluesky Home Improvements today for a quote to make the most of your home.

What are Bi-Folding Doors and how do they work?

Bi-Folding Doors – also known as folding doors or sliding doors – are made up of panels or sections that fold up concertina-style when open to maximise transitional space within your home. Bifolding Doors can be installed between your home and garden Aluminium Bi-Folding Doors are contemporary, versatile and sleek.