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Bespoke Orangeries Liverpool

Generally, an orangery will cost more than a conservatory but less than an extension. With the rise in property values in the Liverpool area, there is no time like the present to invest in orangeries in Liverpool. Such a space is a trendy home extension choice, so it could be just the home improvement that you are looking for.

If you need advice on cost, measurements, and materials for your new room, then get in touch with Bluesky Home Improvements for a consultation and no-obligation quote. We can install orangeries in Liverpool and the surrounding areas of Merseyside, from Bootle to Speke, throughout the Wirral and other locations.

Historically, orangeries were created as a way for rich property owners to grow citrus fruits in harsh winters. They retain the connotation of prestige today, with the elegant aesthetic of an orangery lending an air of sophistication to the home. The design of a bespoke orangery can be customised to recreate the classical architecture of traditional ones or update it with a more modern look.

Contemporary orangeries are a popular alternative to conservatories because of their compromise between high insulation and natural light. They are the perfect combination of the features of a conservatory and a house extension, adding a year-round extra living space to your home and increasing the value of your property at the same time.

Orangery Extension

An orangery extension is more of a natural home extension, featuring more brickwork and a lower percentage of glass than a conservatory. They are more in the style of an atrium, with a glass roof creating a beautifully airy space to relax and adding grandeur to the home.

The traditional purpose of an orangery was a greenhouse, but a contemporary one can be anything from a naturally-lit reading room to a dining area with a view of the stars. They are wonderful spaces for entertaining guests or a peaceful sanctuary that you could retreat to whenever you need to unwind. Orangeries guarantee more privacy than conservatories while still allowing you to feel as though you are under the open sky due to the glass roof.

Orangery Construction

The design of your orangery will determine both the cost and whether it requires planning permission to build. Small orangeries often fit within permitted development guidelines, while large ones with different roof shapes may require permission from the local authority to construct. At Bluesky Home Improvements, we can design and build a traditional or customised orangery to meet your specifications.

Your project can be anything from a luxurious Victorian style to a minimalist lean-to according to your individual vision and budget. We can arrange planning permission to adhere to the relevant building regulations after creating a successful design for the project.

We have the experience and professional craftsmanship to deliver a long-lasting orangery extension with an exterior and interior that upgrades your entire house.