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Solar Glass

Has the time come to replace your tired old conservatory roof.

Over the last few years conservatory roof technology has moved on and one of the best ways to ‘refresh’ your existing conservatory is to replace the polycarbonate roof with a new high performance glass roof. This high performance glass has three main properties.

  • Great thermal performance- for roof glass, the target is to have a ‘U’ Value as low as possible, typically as low as 1.0 is possible in double glazed units.
  • Solar control – it is possible to exclude up to 83% of the suns energy with the correct specification of glass.
  • Self cleaning-The best high performance units use the energy of the sun to burn off organic deposits like bird droppings and fingerprints whilst the smooth coating allows water to ‘sheet off’ the surface, cleaning the dust and debris as it flows.

Sealed units that we recommends for our roofs are 4-16-4, ie made using 4mm toughened glass, 16mm gas filled cavity/spacer and then 4mm toughened glass. We supply new roof frames and glass only (if required and subject to strength testing)

A high performance glass roof allows a natural light to come into your home whilst protecting the conservatory from the elements. A conservatory is a place in your home which can benefit from a great deal of natural light. Natural light is very good for moods, working and entertaining guests in sunnier months without having to tolerate harsh, unnatural light from bulbs. Not to mention the massive dose of vitamin D you will gain from exposure to all of that sunshine.